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New hot albums:

W/ Bill Chase -

Woody Herman - Jazz Hoot/Woody's Winners, Jazz East and West, Jazz Swingers, Some of the best Herman albums with Bill

W/ Allen Vizzutti

Woody Herman - Fatha Herman, this features Allen on Fire Dance !!!!

W/ Maynard Ferguson

Jimmy Dorsey - Golden Era, includes MF performing Body and Soul!!!

DVD Animation movie w/ Urbanissimo featuring MF

Chase-Chase, Ennea, Pure Music
Led by trumpeter Bill Chase, this group took highnote trumpet to a new level. A must for any serious highnote trumpet collection. If you can only have one, get the first album, but they are all smoking. As for Bill's early stuff, pretty much anything he did with Woody Herman is excellent (what a swingin' band), but my personal favorites are: Live in Antibes, Woody's Winners, Ed Sullivan Big Band Years Vol. 1, Ed Sullivan Big Band Years Vol. 2, My Kind of Broadway, Blue Flame, Fourth Herd/New World Of, 1963 Summer Tour, Live at Monterey, Keep on Keepin' On, 1963 Guard Sessions,

Jim Manley- Lip Trip, Horns In The House, Christmas Unwrapped, Wild Cool and Swingin, Some Assembly Required.
A very explosive trumpeter, Jim Manley moves through a variety of styles and influences on his recordings. With a pretty much endless range, strong writing abilities and offbeat sense of humour, Jim's music is awesome. His first two albums are more highnote oriented, Horns in the House is Brecker Brothers Like, and his X-mas album is very well done with a little bit of everything (my wife even likes it).

Walt Johnson- Trumpet Scroll
Walt is primarily known for his highnote work, but on this recording, he gets a chance to stretch out and show that he is also a talented soloist and gets a great sound on the flugelhorn. The CD is sort of a blend of contemporary jazz hip-hop with some funk and fusion thrown in. Plenty of upper register work adds some real fire to the album.
Some additional recordings where Walt gets a chance to show his stuff:

Frank Sinatra Jr.- As I Remember It

Horace Heidt Jr.-New Heidts,

Afterglow (LP only),

Louie Bellson-London Gig, Art Of The Chart, Don't Stop Now, Dynamite, Their Time Was the Greatest

Dave Stahl- Anaconda, Miranda, Live at Knights, Standard Issue
Dave is probably one of the greatest lead trumpet players of all time, yet he is still fairly unknown. His own big band albums feature his great band and of course Daves great trumpet work, both playing jazz solos and of course doing what he does best, playing high. Dave has played with many bands over the years, but some of my favorite lead work is on:

Woody Herman-Thundering Herd, King Cobra, Feelin' So Blue, Herd at Montreux
Buddy Rich- Burning For Buddy, Burning For Buddy II, Europe 77, WHAM!,

Count Basie- Fun Time,
Frank Sinatra- Main Event

Roger Ingram- Roger is one of the strongest lead trumpet players around. After an early start on the road with Louis Bellson, he came into his own on the Woody Herman Band in the mid-1980's. Roger's great lead work can be heard with Woody Herman- 50th Anniversary Tour, Woody's Gold Star, W/ Richard Stoltzman,
Maynard Ferguson- Live In London, Big Bop Nouveau, Footpath Cafe,
Harry Connick Jr- Blue Light Red Light, When My Heart Finds Christmas, Swingin' Out Live (video), NY Big Band Concert (video), Christmas Special (video), , Come By Me
Wynton Marsalis-

Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra- They Came to Swing

Richie Cole- Kush-the Music of Dizzy Gillespie
Alan Yankee- In The Kenton Style
Frank Mantooth- Dangerous Precedent, Sophisticated Lady, Persevere, Miracle

Arturo Sandoval- Danzon

Chico O'Farrell-

Wayne Bergeron- After leaving the Maynard Ferguson Band in 1985, Wayne landed in the Los Angeles area where he quickly made a name for himself as a powerful and accurate lead trumpet player. Wayne's lead work can be heard on many albums including:
Roger Neuman-
Jack Sheldon-
Chicago- Night and Day
Maynard Ferguson- Big Bop Nouveau, Body and Soul

Michael Feinstein- Big City Rhythms

Bill Liston- And Friends

Bill Perkins- My Man Woody

Bob Florence- Funupsmanship

Bob Curnow- Music of Pat Matheny

Buddy Bregman- Swing!

Lin Biviano- A graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Lin played lead with Woody Herman, Buddy Rich, Maynard Ferguson, Count Basie and others. Lin's screaming lead work really shows on some Buddy Rich and Basie albums.
Woody Herman-
Buddy Rich- Stick It, Different Drummer, Live In London,
Maynard Ferguson-Live at the Great American Music Hall Vol. I, Vol. II, Live at Jimmy's
Count Basie- Montruex 77, Montreux 77 (video), Basie in Europe,

Stan Mark- Here's Stan Mark and his New Big Band
Stan played lead trumpet for Maynard Ferguson from the early 1970's through 1982 and is of course heard on every MF album during that period. In 1982, Stan recorded an album with his own big band on a small obscure label, so the LP is hard to find, but recently Stan re-issued it on CD. The album features Stan blazing away and is something that would be a great addition to any collection.

Derek Watkins- Increased Demand,
Europe's greatest lead trumpet player, is on just about every James Bond recording ever made. Derek played the famous Piccolo solo on the Beatles White album too. Derek is also a great soloist. Although it's tough to find recordings where Derek gets more then just a few moments to shine, most of the stuff that I have mentioned are nice additions to the collection.
Jackie Sharpe- Roarin'
Brian Lemon-
Warren Vache-
James Last- Viva Espana,
Peter Herbolzheimer-
Benny Goodman-Live in Stockholm

Kenny Wheeler- Music for Large and Small Ensembles

Clarke Boland Big Band- En Concert Vol. I

Mike Vax- I Remember You-Kenton Alumni, Draga/Vax Connection, New Oakland Jazz Orchestra, TRPTS,
Mike was a featured lead trumpet player and highnote man with the Stan Kenton Orchestra in the early 1970's and can be heard doing his thing on many of the recordings. He had a big band that recorded several albums in the 1970's and then formed the four trumpet group TRPTS in (date), before going into the Education field. Several years ago Mike gave up teaching full time to focus on performing. Mike is an excellent soloist in all styles of music and his frequent forays intot he upper register.
Jim Widner- Body and Soul, Yesterdays and Today

Dennis Noday-

Stan Kenton-

Maynard Ferguson-

(Dennis might not be on this)Jim Widner- Body and Soul, Yesterdays and Today

Allen Vizzutti- Allen Vizzutti, Skyrocket, Rainbow
Allen is one of those rare players who can play pretty much anything. He first came to the forefront of the jazz world when he joined the 1977 Woody Herman Herd and played his composition Firedance it's amazing on the album, but if you ever get a chance to hear a live concert version of it, it's even more outrageous. Allen is a remarkeable classical trumpet player and featured soloist with many large groups, but he tends to enjoy the smal group settings more.
Woody Herman- Road Father, featuring Stan Getz
Chick Corea- Tap Step, Secret Agent, Touchstone
Eastman Jazz Ensemble- Live 1976,

George Graham- With a Lot of Help From My Friends,
George is another of the many Los Angeles based lead trumpet men who seems to show up everywhere. George finally had a chance to record his own big band album and it is extremely well done with some beautiful trumpet work. Sounding a lot like Doc Severinsen, this album is a must. Over the years, George has had a chance to grace many different big bands, but some of his greatest lead work is with the Bob Florence Band.
Bob Florence- Treasure Chest, With All the Bells and Whistles,
Louie Bellson- Art of the Chart

Cat Anderson-
Duke Ellington's lead and high note man for many years, Cat was featured on of Duke's albums. With Duke, Cat never really got a chance to stretch out his jazz chops, but over the years he was able to record a lot of solo albums. Cat was also featured with some of the Los Angeles based big bands and can be heard wailing away on many of these albums.
Bill Berry- Hello Rev
Louis Bellson- Explosion, ,
Lionel Hampton-
Duke Ellington-
Quincy Jones-

Bud Brisbois-
One of the greatest highnote artists ever, Bud came up through the Kenton Band before landing in the LA studio scene. He recorded numerous TV and movie soundtracks in addition to all of the big bnad work he did. Most of his best work is still only on LP, like his stuff with Billy May, Lou Rawls, Onzy Matthews and others. However, some of his great work on MoTown and Rock sessions have started appearing on CD, usually he is only on a tune or two, but they are well worth it if you can get a good price.
Billy May- Bill's Bag, Johnny Cool
Low Rawls- Tobacco Road, Black and Blue
Onzy Matthews- Blues With a Touch of Elegance,
Henry Mancini- Symphonic Soul,
Tommy James-
The Monkees-
Stan Kenton-
Four Freshmen- Got that Feeling,
Frank Sinatra- Reprise Collection,

Paul Cacia-Unbelieveable, Starting Now, Big Band Portrait, All In Good Time, Quantum Leap, Alumni Tribute to Stan Kenton,
A very powerful trumpeter, Paul's screaming trumpet is prominently featured on each one of his albums. The recording quality of his CD's is top notch and the performance quality of his all star band is excellent. Paul's earlier albums are only on LP, but you can find several of his albums on CD.
Horace Heidt-New Heidts

Maynard Ferguson-
Probably the trumpet player with the largest group of fanatics, Maynard has done it all over his 50+ year career in music. He is still playing amazingly well and his most recent album Brass Attitude is one of his best in the last 20 years.
Buddy Bregman- Swingin' Kicks
Louis Bellson- Skin Deep
Michael Feinstein- Big City Rhythms
Tito Puente-
Chicago- 13
Clifford Brown- Jams
Dinah Washington- Dinah Jams,
Benny Carter- Journey to the Next
Stan Kenton-
Charlie Barnet- Swell and Super, Capitol Big Band Sessions
Bob Keene Orchestra- Big Band Bash

Howard Rumsey- Sunday Jazz Vol. 1

Ella Fitzgerald- Rodgers and Hart Vol. 1

Ed Sullivan- Ed Sullivan Big Band Years Vol. 2

Perez Prado- Havana 3 am,

Shorty Rogers-

Doc Severinsen- Facets, Once More With Feeling, Merry Christmas, Good Medicine, Lullabies and Bedtime Stories, Swingin' the Blues,

Perez Prado- Havana 3am,

Big Band Hit Parade

Charlie Barnet- Swell and Super, Capitol Big Band Sessions

Bobby Shew- Heavyweights, Salsa Caliente, One In A Million, Playing With Fire, Trumpet Summit, Tribute To the Masters

Woody Herman
Louie Bellson- Salute, Dynamite, Explosion,

Don Menza- Burnin'

Toshiko Akioshi- Road Time Shuffle, Salted Gingko Nuts

Bob Curnow- Music of Pat Matheny

Bobby King- Inside the Outer Kingdom

Frank Mantooth- Dangerous Precedent, Persevere, Miracle, Sophisticated Lady, Suite Tooth

Michael Feinstein- Big City Rhythms

Buddy Rich- Big Swing Face, Swingin' New Big Band,

Chuck Findley-

Klaus Weiss Jazz Orchestra- Live at the Domicile,
Buddy Rich- Big Swing Face,
Arturo Sandoval- Danzon, Americana, And the Latin Train, Best of, Dream Come True, Swingin', Flight To Freedom, Hot House, I Remember Clifford, Tumbaito, Just Music, Straight Ahead,
Gloria Estefan- Into the Light, Mi Tierra,

Dave Grusin- Havana, West Side Story

Irakere- Best of, From Havana With Love,

Mambo Kings Soundtrack

Dizzy Gillespie- Live at Royal Festival Hall
GRP All Stars- All Blues, Live, All Star Big Band

Jon Faddis- Hornucopia, Legacy, Good and Plenty, Remembrances, Jon and Billy,
Carnegie Hall Jazz Band- CHJB, Clint Eastwood After Hours,
JJ Johnson- Brass Orchestra

Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra- They Came To Swing,

Michel Camilo- One More Once

Lalo Schifrin- More Jazz Meets Symphony, Firebird, Gillespiana,

Dizzy Gillespie- To Diz with Love

Lew Soloff-

Harry James-

Byron Stripling- Stripling Now,

Count Basie- Long Live The Chief, The Legacy,

American Jazz Orchestra- Music of Jimmy Lunceford

James Morrison- Postcards from Down Under, Two the Max, This is Christmas, At the Winery, Live from the Sydney Opera House, European Sessions, Three Minds, Manner Dangerous, Live In Paris, Snappy Doo,
The Australian multi-instrementalist phenom, Morrison can do it all. His trumpet playing ranges from screaming lead to dixieland to classical and everything in between. His (almost) one man band albums are remarkeable. I really enjoy his great trombone work too. If you haven't heard him, you owed it to yourself to pick up some of his albums. Snappy Doo is a good introduction to his full repetoire as he plays ALL of the horn parts on the big band stuff.
Lalo Schifrin- More Jazz Meets Symphony, Firebird, Metamorphosis
Phillip Morris Superband- World Tour 1990, Live at Town Hall

Roy Eldridge-

Dizzy Gillespie-

Snooky Young-

Pete Candoli-

Woody Herman- Live at Carnegie Hall,

Conrad Gozzo- Perhaps the most widely respected lead trumpet player ever, Conrad's power, precision and style propelled many big bands and studio sessions over the years.

Billy May- Sorta May
Bob Keene-Big Band Bash

Buddy Bregman-Swingin' Kicks
Sal Cracchiolo-

Vaughn Nark- Something Special, Flying High

Airmen Of Note- Glenn Miller Tradition, Heritage,

Bill Potts- 555 Feet High

Ala Carte Brass And Percussion- Go Go and Gumbo,

Jesus Alemany- Cubanisimo, Malembe,

Don Ellis-

Charlie Shavers-

Al Killian-

Leo Shephard-

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Bud Brisbois-

W/Billy May- Johnny Cool,

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