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Great Jazz Books and Gift Ideas

Bill Moody - At the Sound of the Trumpet,

Books on the Bandleaders

Robert C. Kriebel - Blue Flame : Woody Herman's Life in Music

Gene Lees - Leader of the Band : The Life of Woody Herman

Woody Herman, Stuart Troup - The Woodchopper's Ball : The Autobiography of Woody Herman

William D. Clancy - Woody Herman : Chronicles of the Herds

Lillian Arganian - Stan Kenton : The Man and His Music

Edward F. Gabel - Stan Kenton : The Early Years, 1941-1947

Tony Gentry, Nathan I. Huggins - Dizzy Gillespie (Black Americans of Achievement)

Leslie Gourse - Dizzy Gillespie and the Birth of Bebop

Alyn Shipton - Groovin' High : The Life of Dizzy Gillespie

Bud Kliment - Count Basie (Black Americans of Achievement)

Stanley Dance - World of Count Basie

Chris Sheridan - Count Basie