So, why would eight guys with steady jobs and too many bills decide to play music in a town where the gig money split eight ways might cover your bar bill? Because, we can't stop playing music. Some people say they would give anything to be able to play an instrument or sing a song. Well, we do both and have to keep doing it, because if we stop we'll have to talk to our kids later on about how we used to play music. We don't want to tell anybody that we "used to play music."

So, here it is. The music we like to play. Some people call it funk. Others call it soul. Some even call it "disco." Well, this is live music not something spun on a disc. If it funk's you up or moves your soul then we're happy for you because maybe you can feel a little of what we feel when we play this music. We've enjoyed this music for 3 decades and plan to play it for at least a couple more.

The Band Members

Kelly Bainbridge
Vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion

Sandy Carter
Guitar, vocals

Jim Hruskocy
Bass guitar, vocals

Jerry Garcia
Drums, vocals

Cliff Colon
Tenor Saxophone

Kevin Seeley
Lead trumpet, vocals

Don Gilbert
Keyboards, vocals

Dan Tomasek
Vocals, trombone

Sound Files: 25 or 6 to 4, Signed Sealed Delivered, So Very Hard To Go, Real Mutha For Ya