Seeley Music Productions is currently compiling material for a sevond volume Limited Edition CD Tribute to Bud Brisbois. We are looking for rare material on Bud, including live clinics and concerts, articles, pictures and especially video footage. Volume I was a complete overview of Bud's playing career. Volume II will be focused on Bud at his strongest from about 1965-1975. I hope to have this assembled and out by the end of the year. Please e-mail me with requests, comments, stories, or information on recordings that you have of Bud at

The Volume I CD contains live, rare and unreleased material dating from Bud's first recorded feature (pre-Kenton) to his last performance just several days before he took his life. Again this CD will be a Limited Edition and production will only reach approximately 500 copies. Order the CD

CD clips

Peter Gunn Encore

Rose Hips

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