Bud on the Midnight Special 1973



Bud promo shot from the Stan Kenton Biography. Shot of Bud from the Getzen Gazette.

Bud during his clinic at the National Trumpet Symposium.

Bud perfoming with the USAF Airmen of Note 1968.

Bud performing a TV Show Medley with the El Cerritos College Marching Band.'

- Ode to Buddy -

We loved you Buddy! We loved you very much-
Your smile, your charm, your attitude, your friendliness and such-

We loved you Buddy! You were really quite a guy-
Your talents were so very great, such that money could not buy-

We loved you Buddy! But I guess that we were blind-
We couldn?t see the heartache, and the troubles on your mind-

We loved you Buddy! But we?re all so ego centered-
If only some perception into our hearts had entered-

We loved you Buddy! And we?ll miss you very much?
May the good lord bless and keep you, I know your soul he?ll touch.

William Garwaas

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